Author: imstillhungover


Do you ever have those days where a pile of things (not nice things) decide to happen all at once and annoy the shit out of you? They usually come in threes and tend to affect everything else around you, even the most trivial of things. Putting aside that it is Monday, still battling a […]

Lost Paradise

Apologies for the three week delay posting this. But better belated than benevered, right? So, having failed initial intentions of going to Falls Marion Bay or a week in Bali, a good friend of mine proposed the questionable Lost Paradise (LP) festival. At first I thought ermm … yoga at a festival, only four bands […]


Here it is. My first blog post. So a bit about this blog and a bit about me. This blog that I’ve been putting off (due to uni commitments and being ridiculous with my time) is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It’s something on the side to get my creative juices […]