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Mykonos, Greek Islands

little venice_mykonos_imstillhungover

Little Venice, Mykonos

Seeing pictures when I was younger of the Greek Islands’ white cubed houses with blue doors and its turquoise waters, I promised myself I would see it in rl one day. And this year I did, and went to three of the islands – Mykonos, Ios and Santorini. I’ll start this three part series with the island I visited first, the beautiful Mykonos.

Flying into Mykonos from Athens was theeeeee most ridiculous plane trip I have ever been on. We literally took off and was in the air for a minute, before the captain says this over the intercom: “oh hey guys, hope you are enjoying the flight, we will be landing in approximately 20 minutes”. I was like wtf that I asked the girl next to me if I heard him correctly, she said yes, and an embarrassed Jen was like wow that was the shortest flight in history!


Upon landing, I looked out the window and there it was – the white cubed houses with the blue, nested on hill tops by the water’s edge. It was so beautiful. Pinch me.

My good friend Julie (another avid traveler) was waiting for me at our hotel, Hotel Rochari. This hotel was perfect – great location, an awesome breakfast spread (I was in greek yoghurt heaven), unbelievably friendly staff, and highly entertaining clientele. We hit the town for dinner and did some exploring, and I can’t emphasise enough how much I fell in love with the town centre, or Chora, as the Greek like to call it. Check it out:







It was like being on a movie set, the white buildings and walls, blue window sills and doors, everything looked so pretty it didn’t feel real at all. And despite the crisis that was going on at the time, all the locals were very friendly and helpful. I asked someone why all the houses and buildings were white and blue. A man explained that there was a time when they were expected by law to build houses like this, and the colours symbolise the Greek sea and sky, just like the colours on the Greek flag. White also reflects the harsh sun to keep the inside of the houses cool when it gets really hot in the Greek summer.

We did a day trip to Rineia island, and got a little Greek mythology lesson along the way. All of which has escaped me now but something about the Greek god Apollo (the god of light). I think Apollo and his twin Artemis were born there, or something. There are ten billion gods/goddesses in Greek mythology, something I learned while over there.


Rineia island

We anchored our yacht at a small secluded beach on Rineia island and this little piece of heaven was definitely another highlight of my trip. The water was stunning, it was actually that turquoise colour that you see in postcards. We also had this little spot to ourselves and here we spent a few hours absorbing the sun, jumping off the boat, eating delicious fruits, drinking wine, and snorkeling in the clear, warm Mediterranean waters. It was heaven.


Finally, besides eating our way through Mykonos (eating gyros, meat skewers, yoghurt, fried cheese and lots and lots of greek salad) we spent our last day on a quad bike riding around Mykonos. We came across a number of beaches, chilled at a few, got a bit lost, and tried to navigate our way around the island from just the road signs. It was a load of fun.

It was sad leaving Mykonos, only because we loved it so much. There is a lot more for me to explore when I return to Mykonos someday soon. I know I’ll be back fo sho!


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