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Mister Gee Burger Truck

I like burgers, and burger joints seem to popping up here, there and everywhere in Sydney at the moment. Word on the street is that a new burger truck parked in the outer inner west suburbs of Sydney are serving burgers that are a melt-in-your-mouth love at first bite. Mister Gee is the name of the food truck and last Thursday a few of my friends and I decided to get on the Mister Gee bandwagon and check these burgers out. The setup was pretty impressive with the truck lodged in a car wash on Parramatta Rd in Haberfield. We arrived a bit after opening time to find a queue (of course) of eager Mister Gee fans or people like us checkin out the latest craze.

So did the burgers live up to its hype? For me, no. I had The Truffe burger, single patty with a truffle-based secret sauce, and sorry for being quite frank but I wasn’t a fan. But what I have learned from all this is that I like a certain kind of burger. Don’t get me wrong there is a reason why people love Mister Gee, and it’s because they like the kind of burger that Mister Gee is all about – sloppy and dirty. For me personally, I don’t like the American-style sloppy burgers, I like a good meat to salad ratio, a meat patty that isn’t too melt-in-your-mouth (that some of my friends had to eat it with a fork), not a huge fan of the brioche sweet (albeit subtle) bun either, and I can definitely say I didn’t like the ‘I feel ill, comatose’ sensation post-eating, and the meat sweats. And hence, the Brodburger in Kingston, Canberra still wins as the best burger in my books. Having said all this, the chilli cheese fries were delish, and what I liked the most about the whole experience is hanging out with a group of friends in the middle of nowhere, sitting on milk crates, talking shit, eating junk and feeling sick together, with a Coopers 6-pack chilling the f-ck out on a nice night. The occasional headlights on our faces (that felt like they were on high beams) from cars trying to find a park was not enjoyable but I guess that’s all part of the deal.

I still think Mister Gee is definitely worth checking out putting aside my burger bias. They do a different burger and side each week which is cool and mixes it up a bit. One of my friends is a huge fan and has been a few times in the last month. He has even had the triple cheese boogie, oh yes, three whole patties worth of burger [insert vomit face emoticon here]. So just because I ain’t a fan, Mister Gee might be for you and may very well satisfy your burger palate.

[Photo cred: imstillhungry]. imstillhungry is the friend of mine that has had the triple cheese boogie burger. He is a pretty amazing food blogger that takes some damn good food snaps. He’s also getting prettay big in the insta/blogger space. I get some of my eating tips from him. Totes check out his blog.

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