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FKA twigs

Source: fbiradio

Gah! This woman is something else. I am literally obsessed. I’ve not seen or heard an rnb artist worth listening to in a long while. Although I don’t think her music can be categorised as just rnb – it’s so much more than that. It’s a weird mix of rnb, clangy/industrial sounds, reverberating drum beats and a voice so sensual it gives you the chills. The kind of rnb that you’d expect from the 90s back when it was still good, but taken up a notch.

Lets start with Laneway. Twigs was probably one of the reasons I got a ticket to Laneway. I love her record and was ecstatic knowing I was going to see her play in rl. All she had to do was step out on stage and the next 45 minutes you were in a mesmerised blur. Her dance moves were a-mazing, she was badass and had such an incredible stage presence it made you detest the fact that the set was inevitably going to end. When it did end, I swore to myself I was going to find a way to nab a ticket to one of her sold out sideshows. I hilariously did (from a socially awkward guy on Gumtree) and saw her again the following Tuesday night at The Metro.

Ok, maybe I had high expectations from the Laneway performance, but there was something missing at her sideshow. Don’t get me wrong, it was still an incredible show, but it lacked the badass attitude and outlandish dance moves at Laneway, and the sound was (surprisingly) better at the festival. I don’t know. I am sure others would beg to differ. And besides, this comparison is irrelevant. Twigs created a wow moment in my life, and I like it when I have one of those moments. If you haven’t already listened to her music, go on and listen to ‘Two Weeks’ or ‘Give Up’ and reread this blog post so you know what imma talkin about.

[Photo source: fbiradio]

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