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Do you ever have those days where a pile of things (not nice things) decide to happen all at once and annoy the shit out of you? They usually come in threes and tend to affect everything else around you, even the most trivial of things. Putting aside that it is Monday, still battling a cough for over a week now, questioning friendships and maybe secretly stressing out a little bit about a trip that’s just around the corner .. all these probably attributable to the mood I’m in right now, but I’ve had a bad day or days. Yes, I sound like a whiner, but come on you’ve had these days too. No one is ever positive 100% of the time.

So, I found myself sitting in on a conversation today about a topic I will not name (in case that person/s reads this) and I was squirming so bad in my seat hoping for the chat to end in the next minute. It’s like when work people talk about their kids to you at every opportune moment and that’s all they ever talk about. Similarly, listening to self-absorbed, righteous and entitled folk. I find this so completely and utterly boring. Bitch you may say, but I find it really difficult these days to have conversations with people that are on completely different wavelengths to me. I endured them in the past but man, I have my own life to live. And as I am finding as I get older, I have less time and energy to put up with it. There, rant over.

I know these feelings will pass. Going for a jog usually helps or hanging out with friends that I actually like hanging out with, or just time out from everything/everyone helps a lot too. Something that I am working on – enjoying my own company. And lucky for me I will be enjoying a lot of it in less than 2 months time, a trip it seems I really need for myself right now. I cannot wait to be sitting on the grass at East River State Park in Brooklyn reading a book, playing with dogs, striking up a conversation with someone I don’t know, staring at the New York skyline sipping horrible American coffee. I am patiently awaiting this moment. Just less than 8 work weeks to go.

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