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Summer Dance: Omar-S and Simon Caldwell

First gig of 2015 and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Upon arrival, the National Art School in Darlinghurst was full of the usual crowd – good looking and well dressed, alternative, and familiar faces from the Sydney gig scene. With the techno beats bellowing in the background the bar was our first point of attack. Yeeesss, to a few cans of Sierra Nevada and some vino served in fancy tumblers. The National Art School, made up of old sandstone buildings was a great venue for Summer Dance. The rain put a bit of a dampener on things as it was supposed to be an outdoor party after all, but once we stepped into the main hall (which was pretty damn amazing) it was time to PARTAY, and that’s all that mattered. Entering the hall to Simon Caldwell’s electronica, we joined several others, dancing and admiring how professional this guy was. Seriously, Caldwell knew what he was doing and did it really well. And with a transition so seamless, it was now Omar-S’ turn to take over the show.

As more and more entered the hall, Omar-S played as though djing was natural to him, with little to no effort. The hall now full, he stole the show. So much dancing, so much sweat. Omar-S grinning profusely in his last hour, amazed at how many people were there to support him. A kind of modesty that I found quite endearing at the time. Three hours of “Yes, this shit is amazing” house/electro beats, we all wanted more. He played one last track with that endearing smile, shaking his head as he still couldn’t come to grips with how much the crowd loved him. At the end of the set he thanked everyone, shook people’s hands, held mine for a minute, and came into the crowd for hugs and adoration. This show was thoroughly enjoyed. The sore feet, slight hangover and ears ringing the next morning was well worth it. Do yourself a favour and check this guy out if you can. Omar-S’ technique, precision and unique sound is really something. It was a real treat.

More on Summer Dance here. I’ve also got tickets to Mister Saturday Night and Moodymann. Should be another good time.

[Photo cred: Brett Jones]

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