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Here it is. My first blog post.

So a bit about this blog and a bit about me. This blog that I’ve been putting off (due to uni commitments and being ridiculous with my time) is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It’s something on the side to get my creative juices flowing and to help keep me sane from the mundane corporate life.

Me? I’m a 29 year old something living in the Inner West of Sydney. I love music and can’t live without it. I like seeing new places, meeting new people and am curious about the world. I want to use this blog as an outlet to share my passions with you, have a rant, exchange stories, be stupid and silly, and give you an insight into the fun things I like to do. And as the blog name insinuates, I like drinking. Vino is a weakness of mine. So have a glass on my behalf and enjoy the read.

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