Year: 2015

The Fall, Metro Theatre

The Fall (the band, not the TV show) played at the Metro last Wednesday night, and boy, was this an experience. The Fall is a seminal post-punk band that were pretty big in the 70s. The band’s lead singer, Mark E. Smith, is renowned for being a bit of a drunkard on stage, slurring his words and causing […]

Mykonos, Greek Islands

Seeing pictures when I was younger of the Greek Islands’ white cubed houses with blue doors and its turquoise waters, I promised myself I would see it in rl one day. And this year I did, and went to three of the islands – Mykonos, Ios and Santorini. I’ll start this three part series with the […]

Sahara Desert, Merzouga, Morocco

Since being back, the first question people ask me is “What was the highlight of your trip?”. I have a bit of a think, and almost every time without fail, the burnt orange dunes of the Sahara Desert in Morocco appear so vividly in my mind. Climbing these dunes is undoubtedly one of the best […]

Honey, I’m home!

I’m back, tanned and thirty! But I’m back from the most incredible four months of my life. It was filled with new experiences, seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world, meeting exciting new people, all of which I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world. I’ve been back for three weeks now […]

Mister Gee Burger Truck

I like burgers, and burger joints seem to popping up here, there and everywhere in Sydney at the moment. Word on the street is that a new burger truck parked in the outer inner west suburbs of Sydney are serving burgers that are a melt-in-your-mouth love at first bite. Mister Gee is the name of […]

28 days

It’s been a whirlwind of a month. A month of realisations, new perspectives, patience, work and too much play, doing improv in front of people I don’t know (yes, I’ve taken up acting classes! more on this later, I promise) and a heap of life admin. Shit’s about to get real, and there is so much […]

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FKA twigs

Gah! This woman is something else. I am literally obsessed. I’ve not seen or heard an rnb artist worth listening to in a long while. Although I don’t think her music can be categorised as just rnb – it’s so much more than that. It’s a weird mix of rnb, clangy/industrial sounds, reverberating drum beats and a voice so sensual it […]


Do you ever have those days where a pile of things (not nice things) decide to happen all at once and annoy the shit out of you? They usually come in threes and tend to affect everything else around you, even the most trivial of things. Putting aside that it is Monday, still battling a […]